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Hope Lives Here...


“Played with burning passion and astonishing accuracy.”

Keely Freeman, Playwriter

August 2013
On Wednesday, Ocotber 16, 2013 at SOPAC Theater, Sierra House will debut "Hope Lives Here." The play gives a voice to the struggles experienced by homeless young women living in a homeless shelter.

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“A one of a kind play… each story is will touch your heart in a different way.”

John Smith, Director and Producer


October 16, 2013
Hope Lives Here will
 debut a SOPAC - South Orange Performing Arts Center

located in South Orange, NJ


O C T​

E V E N T S​


A U G​

August 27, 2013
News Article
The Star Ledger
East Orange, New Jersey

​An inspiring play that will change your life

Sierra House Presents...

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